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"Why Do They Hate Me In Haiti?"

Hillary Clinton asks "Why Do They Hate Me In Haiti?" Words and Music by June Shellene. The Clinton Foundation collected millions of dollars for Haitian earthquake relief. But, did it all make it to help the island nation? Many researchers, including Charles Ortel - an Investor, financial statement analyst, and writer versed in economics, geo-politics, history, travel and a just, lasting peace - has thoroughly researched the question. His answer is a resounding "NO!". You can see his research at http://www.charlesortel.com.

This question is important to researcher, songwriter, pianist and singer June Shellene. In this video, she follows the advice "make people laugh if you want to tell them the truth". She has created and performed this video to do both.

As we near the November 8 presidential election, and regardless of your opinion of Donald Trump, Gary Johnson and Jill Stein, it is important that we all know the truth about the former Secretary of State. Is she the charitable public figure as portrayed by CNN and other Main Stream Media (MSM), or has she and Bill Clinton been the perpetrators of a global charity fraud.

Don't forget to to share this video with your friends or others who pursue the truth. You can leave comments on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekcrnZPJNW4.

All music tracks played by June into GarageBand using her Yamaha CP4 piano. 

"Want War?  - Vote Hillary 2016" poster Copyright (c) 2016 June Shellene.

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