I started classical piano lessons at age 9.  I took to it right  away and still enjoy playing the great classics.  Children who get a good grounding in classical training find it  easier to learn pop, rock, jazz and blues...so I recommend it to  parents who want their kids to take lessons.  Some adults may not want to study the classics, but learn to play by ear...that's ok too.  I can help you learn what you want to learn.

I spent my teens singing in a folk trio, learning to play the guitar, and working hard on mastering the piano arrangements of Ferrante and Teicher, which I performed with my best friend every year at Waukegan Township High School.  I also acted and sang the part of Guenevere in the school's production of Camelot.  It took me months of training to sing as high as Julie Andrews.  Quite a stretch for an alto!  Years later, I studied vocal pedagogy in Chicago, and I still enjoy coaching all kinds of singers.

When I got to Indiana University I met Geoff and Sam Rose. We played covers from the 60's and 70's and originals as well.  All my years of studying Peter, Paul and Mary harmonies paid off!  After graduation, we moved to Chicago, added bass and drums and played nightclubs for 3 years before disbanding.  Fortunately, Wurlitzer had put out a portable piano, so I got a chance to expand my performance skills beyond reading classical music, and studied with some great Chicago pianists.  

When I got to Indiana University I met Geoff and Sam.  We played covers from the 60's and 70's and originals as well.  After graduation, we moved to Chicago where there was a theatre renaissance going on.  I got to know David Mamet, worked with the Second City's touring company;  the soon to be famous actors of the Steppenwolf Theatre Company; and most of the city's major theatres.  I even wrote a play about the Chicago Mercantile Exchange with actor Richard Fire.  It was called Dealing and ran twice at the Northlight Theatre.

From the 70's until 2012, I worked as a professional musician in Chicago's music and theatre scene.  I travelled with Second City's touring company, played for several Steppenwolf Theatre productions and musical directed their production of The Rise and Fall of Little Voice, which took me all the way to Broadway!  Many old friends moved to Hollywood and became household names, but the Chicago theatre scene flourishes to this day.  Other highlights included working for the Goodman and Northlight theatres, as well as performing with composer Rokko Jans, The Sons of the Never Wrong, Michael Smith and my trio with Jim Cox (bass) and Nick Kitsos (drums.)

I've had the good luck of meeting Scott Small and Keegan Harshman.  Keegan is one of the best bass players I've ever known, and Scott, pictured on the right, is a walking metronome, and one of the most tasteful and versital drummers I've come across.  We've played many of the wineries, restaurants, and special events on the Island, doing a mix of jazz and pop.  Please contact me for booking my trio, or hiring me to play (or play and sing) solo.