"This album is a delightful tightly woven tapestry of Shellene's musical influences that is a pleasant revelation for both fans and newcomers to her art."   

Hrayr Attarian, Chicago Jazz Magazine 

"A very, very, very good piece of work."

Rick Kogan, Chicago, WGN radio 

The Lost Art of Love was produced by Cliff Colnot, assistant conductor of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and director of the Chicago Civic Orchestra, who generously donated his time and talent to the project.  I fell in love with the bass playing of Steve Rodby (The Pat Matheny Band) and many of the A list players Cliff hired for my first CD of original songs.  It was the experience of a lifetime.  

contact jshellene@hushmail.com to order a CD.  $15

Before The Fall is the last tune on Wait 'Til Midnight Ends, and the only cut on which I perform solo. 

Head phones double as Mickey Mouse ears at Studio Media in Evanston, Illinois....2010.

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My Chicago trio, Jim Cox (bass) and Nick Kitsos (drums).